Mindfulness Meditation right at your fingertips!


You want to meditate, yet not sure where to start? Thanks to technology, we have, now, several Apps and devices that bring you this precious practice right at your fingertips… your phone. Caption this:

“We have apps that can offer you mindfulness practices, enable you to set a reminder to meditate, and actually record your entries in a journal fashion, perhaps within a community as well!”

What are some of the Apps and devices in the market so far?

Get out your phones and let’s go surfing Android market or iOS App Store, Now!


A few things to consider before settling on any App:

  1. Does it have an easy to use interface that you can easily navigate?
  2. Is it practical and easy to use anywhere, anytime?
  3. Does it have an inbuilt mindfulness reminder
  4. Is it simple and easy to use?
  5. Is it free to use or do you pay some cost? This consideration may come to your mind when you are on a budget or not

Most times, honest reviews from the past or current users will give you this information!

a) Mindfulness Reminder 

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices and cost about USD 2.99.

The interval reminders could be very useful to you if you are the kind of person who prefers spontaneity in meditation. The reminders could also be a distraction to those who prefer to have their phones on silent mode and away from distractions. It’s preferable to have specific tones that differentiate the reminders from other notifications.

b) Fitbit

This is a wearable device that is purchased and worn on the wrists. It has a unique way of connecting to your heartbeat and creating about 8 reminders in a day to come back to meditation. Has other health functionalities and actually looks very cool to have. The cost is perhaps between USD 90 to USD160. You can actually use this on any activity you intend to receive a reminder about!


c) Enlighten Me APP

Quite recently, World Peace Initiative through its Peace Revolution project released an Enlighten Me App too!



The App is available on App Store and Android and is literally free! The App integrates meditation into daily mindfulness sessions that anyone can engage in at any time.


Bottom line,

There are several Apps on mindfulness and meditation. Our attempt here is to share with you a few that really wowed me as I looked for them. My list of three also displays various types of Apps and devices that one may use based on what works best for them. I leave it to you to take this moment and get an App or a device that shall work best for you to get into a mindfulness routine. Having settled on one, enjoy your sessions and always remember;

I love you and wish you the very best in whatever you do to transform yourself!


Step out of my comfort zone: Get more from Life

I think about looking at an object up-close, my eyes fixed closely on this object, seeing just one side of the coin and feeling comfortable this way anyway. Another thought also crosses my mind of this group of blind people who were told to touch an elephant and everyone really get the chance to touch a specific part of this enormous animal. One touches the tail, another, the trunk, another, the belly while someone touches the ears. How interesting it is that when finally everyone gets a chance to share what they think an elephant is, everyone has a different story. One claims it is long rod with whiskers and quite firm while the other goes like, “mmmmh…a big flat flap that could be used to fan; and several answers come up including one who just thinks an elephant is one hard, tough, solid block with a rough texture. And so all these answers really reflect from which angle we view life. From which perspective we stand and from which vantage point we are… and this is really our world.

Photo: TripAdvisor

And so, many times, we get into arguments and conflicts with wanting other people to buy into our viewpoints, to think and reason like us without really getting from where they stand. This has become a norm in our society where we force beliefs down people’s throats. We force our opinions on others and make life quite miserable for ourselves actually. And so we create comfort zones of less hurt, less pain and less effort…

A comfort zone is our zone of bliss, our reality of what should be in the world, our point of joy. And so, from this reality of what should be, we conquer the world to make it what we want it to be, sit back and let things pass us by or ignore whatever is happening around us. From whatever angle, conquering the world or sitting back, we create an outcome and the outcome could be desirable or not…

Comfort zones have never brought any meaningfully sustainable change to anyone at all… Actually, world most remembered faces in history had a downfall trying to make the world into their comfort zones of “what the world should be” From Hitler to Napoleon among others…and of course going down colonial lanes of the world.

Not mentioned in history is the other side of the bracket where a majority of people also sit back and let things pass them and letting their dreams and purpose fall by the wayside. The groups who sit back and settle for what the social prescriptions and popular culture determines… The group that follow every wind flow and refuse to question their motives under every circumstance… Or those stuck in doing the same old things from a singular perspective? Believing in their side of the story being the only TRUTH in the world?

And then it’s not about anyone else but me…my perspective, my reality…what informs it…and above all, is it the only one available in the world? And if not, how can we live and interact freely within all these worlds that our minds have so historically built in the name of education and experience?

Education and experience are very significant words in the growth of anyone…and yes… come to think of it, we all learn and experience things every moment of our life and that’s what makes life…right?

How can we use our education and experiences to transform our perspective consciously? Because whether we like it or not, our world changes with every new thing we learn and every new experience we encounter.

Back to my object, back to my elephant story….

We have known fact to exist in our world and what we have experienced…  But what if it could be more than?

I mean we can grow up defining an elephant as a long rod with whiskers and explain it to everyone who comes after us or we can spend a day in another person’s reality… But how do we even do that!

From these questions, insight comes, in the form of wanting to retreats, visiting other people from other cultures besides us, travel different communities and living with people up-close…from their world. I mean we have been taught to become so firm in our world that we can change everyone around us, but what of becoming so deep that we can accommodate and transform ourselves and people around us?

What if we can spend a day, a week, or even a month in the perspective of someone else? What if we can step out of our comfort zones and embrace newness in how we do things? What if this was possible?

Well, it’s possible to do so, and fresh and enriching in just how much someone can learn from the self and from others when they step out of the way to see things differently.

But there is a catch, you don’t just go in blindly, but with an intention to learn and transform.  Transformation occurs when we trust ourselves well enough to let go of the reigns and know that we are alright to swim. When we really pay attention to what is it that is being said… is it useful right NOW? How about its use in ten years to come…? And how sustainable is it within the context of this fast changing world? These are questions that we must ask ourselves all the time as we embark on transforming our perspectives and learning new things.

So, the next time you get a chance to attend that cool retreat with friends or visit school, remember it’s not enough to share what you have, but also to learn from what is offered…and all these can only happen when we let go of our fears and listen to the other person from their point of view as well. Then we can see the trunk, tail, belly and ears of the elephants… Does it change what the elephant is, not really, just brings more understanding in the room…at the end of the day, an elephant will still be an elephant, whether defined by the tail or the trunk.


Ask anything…

Nothing is stupid, by asking anything…

we are all winners

Believe in yourself

never give up

always tell the truth, even when we are afraid.

If you sad, angry…inside, tell the truth how

you feel, or you can always write it down.

Remember only the truth will set yu free.

Never doubt your abilities

Try to face your fears…

Value yourself and others, meaning never lose

yourself, respect and respect for others.

Ask yourself, how would you feel, if someone bullied you…you?

Brag about what you achieve, regarding

anything (Remember I told you, we are all winners,

… no losers)

Have fun.

If you don’t like what your friend (s) are

doing or saying, don’t do it… don’t feel

bad… you’ve got your own power…

and the best part, by doing all that, your friend (s), sister (s), brother (s) will

look up to you, as a Hero

I believe in you

By Miss Sain

Cape Town-South Africa


The Partner Fellowship in Latin America is coming soon!



WPI under the Peace Revolution project has promoted many fellowships for young people. For the second time WPI is inviting our partners to this fellowship specially made for them. The retreat will take place in Mexico from November 30th until December 4th in Casa Azul in Tepoztlan, a charming village near Mexico City.

Every day more organizations are offering meditation, mindfulness and relaxation exercises as a way to boost the wellbeing of their employees and increase productivity. Scientific researches states that when we meditate the hormone cortisol, the one responsible for causing us stress and anxiety, decreases in activity.


Come and learn how to incorporate meditation and mindfulness practices in your workplace, make of your organization a more fulfilling work environment and to improve the job satisfaction of your employees.


  • Deepen the meditation practice
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase mental concentration, clarity, and awareness
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Enhance productivity, effectiveness, and communication in the workplace, improve your team’s work and productivity.
  • Develop non-violent communication skills that will benefit your work environment. Navigate tense situations with less explosive behavior patterns.
  • Expand work/life/family balancing skills, learn methods of stress management and gain emotional resilience that you can share with your coworkers and relatives.
  • Improve overall health and well-being

What you will get:

  • Meditation Lectures by Thai Teaching Monks and Peace Architects (WPI’s certified meditation trainers)
  • Course Manuals
  • Food
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Local transportation
  • Opportunity to conferences and meditations retreats in Thailand
  • Accommodation from 29th, November until the night of the 4th, December

Applications are open until 15th, September

Application process:

  • To be eligible to attend this retreat you need to apply here and you also need to complete 7 days of our Life Enrichment Program.
  • Everyone is welcome, the retreat will be held in English and Spanish.
  • We will provide some partial scholarships to outstanding candidates. To apply for a scholarship you need to be our Partner.

For any queries, contact: gaby@peacerevolution.net & marcela@peacerevolution.net

Apply today!

3 simple ways to organize a peace gathering in your community

When life gives you lemons, you may choose to cry about its bitter taste or rather create lemonade! We may not know it but everyone faces unique challenges and as we go about our daily lives, we may want to create a change.We may complain of how busy we get and how preoccupied we can be with the ever growing demands of life. At one point, someone got a job or got married and many other life turns which seem to make us busier and more preoccupied in mind at actions. A peace gathering is like special family or a session where one gets to share techniques to achieve inner peace in their community. From simple to complex, we have outlined various ways to share peace messages and meditation to the people closest to you.You may complain of lack of time to hold a peace gathering in your community. Continue reading “3 simple ways to organize a peace gathering in your community”

Community theater and peace dialogue

Cambodia has experienced long lasting devastating civil war, especially, the terrible blow of genocide during the Khmer rouge regime, 1975-1979. Thus, Youth For Peace Organization (YFP) have designed a project to bring a play called “The courageous turtle” to show to Cambodian youth in different high schools. This is an attempt to  raise the awareness about the past conflict and educate the young people on morality, solidarity and peace.

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