How To Improve Life With Dreams and Goals

Dreams and goals are what makes life better. The relationship between dreams and goals have been the concern of many scholars for ages. Still, many people fail to make their dreams come true and stay focused on their goals. In addition, most people are running after money or funds to sustain their dreams and goals.

Why do we need to have dreams and goals? What is the relationship between dreams and goals? Read more to know how to improve your life through a good management of dreams and goals.

 Dreams and Goals: what’s the relationship?

The relationship between dreams and goals governs the achievement of a better life. Our happiness depends on the way we manage our dreams and goals. Considering that each of us is unique in his/her own way, we need to be careful about how we manage our dreams and goals. Dreams are visions, something that the person wants and desires to do. Dreams fuel our everyday life and help us be positive and self-oriented towards the attainment of plausible results. Goals define the success of our life, for they are specific objectives that we intend to reach in a given time or a given period. Besides, goals pave the way to the achievement of our dreams and is a rational way to build ones life according to an ideal. However, dreams are different from goals.


How can dreams become goals that improve life ?

The status of our mind determines how our dreams become goals that could come true and then improve our life. In fact, human beings are made of body and mind. The mind works in the same way like the software of a computer. Our body is the hardware that could not function without the software. For a dream to become a goal that comes true, we need to have a clear mind. When our mind is clear, we have a better perception of life. We can easily identify our goals according to our dreams. That’s the way we could improve our life. Small goals achieved accordingly depend on the way our mind could work on a single goal in a given time. But how could we then clear the mind, so as to have a good perception of life, which leads to good dreams and goals?

Meditate to have good dreams and goals

In 2015, I was looking for a tool that could help me better my life by controlling the way my mind affects my dreams and goals. I was not really focused on my goals and my dreams seemed always far away from the reality. In 2016, I discovered meditation, and my life has become more positive, because I could now have good dreams and goals. Consequently, my goals become easy to be achieved. Not only does meditation help me improve my perception of life, but it also fosters my dreams and gives me the chance to practice letting go of bad thoughts or events that could ruin my dreams and goals. Meditation is definitively a tool that helps our mind be still, focused and peaceful. By making our mind standstill and focused, we easily attain our goals and by making the mind peaceful, we often have the best dreams of our life.

You may consider joining Peace Revolution to start your own experience with the practice of meditation. You may also want to read more about me and my practice of meditation here.

3 Steps Towards Knowing Oneself For A Successful Life

As human beings, we like to achieve good things for ourselves and for people whom we love. Many people appreciate success through their personal properties: number of cars, luxurious house, clothes, money and even becoming a celebrity. But in the course of a lifetime, we may fail to reach the complete attainment of our projects, dreams and goals simply because we do not know ourselves. The questions here are: how could knowing oneself help to achieve a successful life? Why do we need to know ourselves or how knowing oneself is the best thing to do in our life? Read further to discover three steps towards knowing oneself for greater achievements in your life.

AMANI II Fellowship in Thailand

Understanding strengths and weaknesses

Strength is defined as any cause of modification in the material or in the body, whereas weakness is the lack of strength. When we talk about strength in material and body, we also refer to energy or ability to do certain number of things. So, strength is furthermore the state or quality of being strong; physical or mental power or capacity. I may, therefore, be able to write good articles, have easy contact with people or easily develop new skills. Those are a few examples of a strength. On the other hand, a person’s weakness could be that he/she easily loses his/her temper or is lazy to read. Weakness prevents us from doing something, while strength enables our full potential. However, there is good news about weaknesses. The reality of weaknesses could also be changed. That said, we could change our today’s weakness into tomorrow’s strength. When we recognise and accept our weaknesses as not being a handicap in our life, we can easily turn some weaknesses into strengths. Making the list of weaknesses and strengths helps a lot in the process of knowing oneself. Moreover, the list could reveal some points, which we need to know more about ourselves in order to capitalise on our strengths for developing new personal and professional skills.

Being honest with yourself

Being honest is useful not only in the process of knowing oneself, but also in our everyday life. Because by being honest we say the truth and incorporate the right habits in our personality. When we are honest with ourselves, we easily identify our weaknesses to be improved for better results. Being honest, in addition, shows the way to our true personality. I may then recognise that being a short tempered person is not good for my health. Thus, I need to learn how to manage my anger. I could also acknowledge that my laziness in reading will not help my speaking and writing skills and that I should start reading to learn new things and to develop my linguistic abilities.

Regional Fellowship in Cameroon

Meditation as a process of knowing yourself

Meditation is a mental exercise with many advantages. Among the benefits of meditation, there is also a chance to knowing yourself better. Meditation helps to become familiar with our true nature through the process of stilling the mind at the centre of the body. When the mind is calm and focused, we acquire better understanding of what we are and how we could improve ourselves. Moreover, meditation develops our skills and makes people become more productive in whatever they do. Hence, we could know ourselves better and be able to take the right decisions or choices for a successful life.

How Can Inner Power Lead To A Successful Life?

Most of the people in the world are in a quest for a happy life, freedom and security. The search of happiness and successful life is therefore one of the common goals to everyone. How to acquire this happiness and how to enjoy life in freedom and security? Read further to find out one of the best ways to achieve beautiful things in your life and become an active agent of positive changes through strengthening your inner power.

Life is made of challenges. This is the reason why many people find it difficult. In fact, challenges are not made to handicap the attainment of our goals. Instead, they are the source of knowledge and experience. When we have a lot of experience in life, we become wise, and this wisdom helps us in many ways. Through challenges we learn new things, because life is a kind of school, where we never finish learning. In order to be patient and cope with everyday challenges, there is a very important key that is universal and could allow people to open the doors of happiness, prosperity and good life.

 Relationship between inner power and inner peace

Inner power is what we need to be confident and positive in everyday situations. Inner power is also referred to as inner peace. With inner power we find life easy and joyful because it helps to have the right perception of things in the world. Our perception becomes more clear, and we easily understand why and how certain number of situations need to happen in our life. Most of the time, things happen for good reasons. However, we fail to understand that just because we are in lack of inner power. When life presents a certain challenge, we often perceive it in a bad way with bad ideas leading to bad feelings and bad actions. Sometimes, it is after many years that we can understand the reason why we had to undergo the given challenge.

Ability to manage the thoughts

Inner power is therefore needed in order to be more positive and to learn to rely on our life. Inner power enables us to sharpen our views, to see life as it comes and practice letting go of bad experiences. Besides with inner power, we always know what is good or bad for us and can easily choose the best way to take. People who connect with their inner power are the most productive men and women in the world. Even when they are facing troubles, they always find a way out to keep on moving towards the achievement of their goals. The stability of our life also depends on how we manage our thoughts. Since everything starts with an idea, there is the need to control our thoughts or at least to have a full management of our emotions and feelings since our thinking process affects our life.

Meditation to build strong inner power

Moreover, good mental status impacts positively our life. It is the reason why we have to train our mentality through constant meditation. Mediation is the practice that helps us still the mind and paves the way to a strong inner power. When the mind is still, focused and peaceful, we find the inner power that we need in order to have a happy personal and professional life. You may consider joining Peace Revolution to know how to build your inner power through a practice of mindfulness and meditation.


My journey with #PIPO at the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI): Let’s promote PEACE!

How it started

In 2015, Philippe Mensah HOUINSOU told me about Peace Revolution Project. I did not understand it very well at the time, but he continued inviting me to read about meditation and listen to self-development MP3. Later on, he was telling me about  the World Peace Initiative Foundation and about controlealing my temper and emotions. In fact, I was too hot at that time and he wanted me to experience the benefict of meditation as a way to calm my temper and be more peaceful in my mind.

When I started

In 2015, I had a vision and may be a dream. I dreamed of a Project that could gather all the West African young people in order to discuss and to think about the development of the continent. It was to be an annual gathering. I explained the Project to some of my friends and together we started planning the first edition. I found out the title of the Project: the WEST AFRICAN YOUNG LEADERS SUMMIT (WAYLS) during a night, when I could not sleep. This night, I sang and dansed, because I had seen it clearly. I visualized the Project and I felt it will become great in few years!

The WAYLS came true


The WAYLS came true in september 2015 and this year (2016) was the second edition. During this first edition, something happened to me and marked the begining of my quest for Inner Peace. I lost my temper during the second day, because of a simple situation which I could have avoided. I was very bad at the end and I decided to start meditating in order to control my anger and any kind of feeling and emotion that could affect me. Hence, the starting point of my journey with #PIPO.

The Self-development program on


I started a self-development program in january 2016. After two weeks of lessons, I started understanding how feelings and emotions could drive us do things we would not do when we are with a peaceful mind. I learnt how to meditate and I started getting used to my Inner Mind and the Center of my body. But then; I had many more to be taught.

My first Peace Fellowship in Cameroon

In March 2016, I had the chance to be selected for the Central and West Africa Peace Fellowship. It was my first contact with the Peace Revolution Crew and with Monks. I met many friends and I had the opportunity to ask many questions to Monk LP John in order to master meditation and to control my anger and temper. I had been given simple notions about temper management and how to cultivate my Inner Peace. The fellowship changed me a lot and I started to understand many of my mistakes. I learnt how to be with people, talk gently even when I am angry or irritated.

Back home, my first Special Opps

After the Fellowship, I became a Peace Rebel+. In that quality, I was able to organise the activity in my country to share what I have gained through Peace Revolution. I then organised an offline Special Opps that helped me to share my experiences with some of my friends and colleagues. It was a life change experience and many of them join the online self-development program.


Back hom, my first MINI PIPO

I organised a series of activity in some Secondary Schools. Under the leadership of Phillipe Mensah HOUINSOU, Benin Peace Architect, I have managed a MINI PIPO in four Secondary Schools mainly in Dangbo Secondary School, Application Secondary School, Lycee Behanzin and Lycee Toffa 1er.

My second Peace Fellowship in Thailand

Few months after, I was to take part in the AMANI PEACE FELLOWSHIP in Thailand. This was one of my best time with Peace Revolution. My meditation practice has so far been improved, but I was afraid when I was told that I will be meditating during one hour and 4 times a day. But finally, it was very useful for me to be present and I really enjoyed every part of the fellowship.

Today, I am a Peace Agent. I am happy for the way I went through and how did I improve my life in many ways. Everything is now possible with Inner Peace and I am blessed to be in. Meditation gives me the opportunity to know who I am and to decide on whatever will happen in my life.

This journal could not tell you everything about the benefits of meditation and self-development program. It is the reason why I advise you on the eve of the International Day of Peace to join Peace Revolution Project at: and to start your personal journey. Many things will happen to you, and I assure you that you will love each of them and each of them will positively change your life. Let’s share Peace today and forever!