Confort ¿para qué te quiero?

Puede que a muchos nos atraigan las aventuras, sin embargo, pocos se dan cuenta que embarcarse en una aventura no es solo una oportunidad para vivir la vida al máximo, descubrir un universo entero cada vez y disfrutar de todo tipo de experiencias. También significa tener que sacrificar muchas cosas, o esencialmente una que las comprende todas. Es, probablemente, el sacrificio más difícil al que tenemos que hacer frente: salir de la zona de confort.

El diccionario define confort como un estado de bienestar o comodidad material. Yo sin embargo, añadiría, que el estado de confort también es un lugar de bienestar, calma y tranquilidad mental. El confort es ese jardín del edén sin interrupciones donde la belleza de vivir es perenne. Sin embargo, si reflexionamos sobre nuestra propia existencia personal, nos daremos cuenta que o bien por iniciativa propia o bien por vicisitudes de la vida, la zona de confort es en realidad un equilibrio difícil de mantener. Y es que si algo caracteriza a la vida es el constante cambio, que vapulea, agita y desorienta nuestra comodidad.

Los cambios, tan intrínsecos de la vida y a la vez tan difíciles. Los cambios de humor que hacen de nuestro estado mental una constante montaña rusa, los cambios de tiempo que nos obligan a adaptarnos, los cambios políticos que siempre conllevan novedades en nuestra forma de vida… desde las alteraciones más nimias hasta los variaciones irreversibles como la muerte, los cambios son hechos a los que tenemos que hacer frente constantemente a lo largo de nuestra existencia.

Y, algunos de nosotros los fomentamos.

No hay nada como aceptarse a uno mismo, empezando por observarse, siguiendo por conocerse, y acabando por abrazar todo lo que uno ve en sí mismo. Aún me cuesta comprender por qué, pero de alguna manera una de las características que me define es que soy una persona que se pone constantemente fuera de la zona de confort. No es fácil, me ha supuesto varias calamidades, infinitos de quebraderos de cabeza sin solución que preveo seguirán llenando mi mente y muchos momentos de ruptura emocional y física. No obstante, ponerme en tales tesituras cada poco tiempo me ayuda a recordar que siempre se pueden aprender cosas nuevas y que estar en cierta situación de vulnerabilidad propia del desconfort nos ayuda a estar alerta para absorber más y mejor si cabe todas las lecciones que nos quedan por vivir.

Cambio, cambio, cambio, rastreémoslo y adoptémoslo, porque la vida es demasiado corta y demasiado larga como para vivirla de forma monótona y abandonada a la versatilidad que la suerte, el destino, las coincidencias o Dios diseñen por nosotros.


Civil March To Aleppo

So it is happening. We are going to Aleppo. And we invite each and every one of you to join to walk in peace. All together.


It all started with Ania Alboth and her facebook post – “I can’t take it anymore. Should I just go there? Would it help? Should we go all together? Like ALL TOGETHER? Make the Balkan route, the sea route, and from Turkey to Syria? Same way, just other way round. All of us? If this could change things, if a crowd of Europeans would get to Aleppo, would you go with me?”. In a moment there were comments appearing. More and more people were joining the conversation. With all the madness around and inside we decided to act. Act as we can and act as we are able to. To show the civilian resistance. To show that we disagree. We are too many – we have had enough of feeling powerless. And together we are more. We couldn’t stand it any longer and we know that as citizens we have the power and strength. We want to manifest our attitude toward what is happening now. We know that we are not alone. We believe that thousands of people will join this March, for one day, for one week, for one month. Together we will walk in peace.


We believe this is our shared world and we are all responsible for how it looks like. We aim to transform social and political structures – structures which make war possible, structures we are all part of. There are more of us who share the values of peace, justice and equality, the ones that do not remain neutral in situations of injustice and cannot stay indifferent when seeing what is happening in Syria now. We consider it our shared problem and our shared responsibility. As we are all humans.


The march will start on 26th of December from Berlin and will go through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, to Aleppo.

You can find more information on our webpage:

and Facebook page and event:


This March will be a united effort. An effort of each and every one of us who will walk his/her distance. We invite you to join the march, to join the movement, to share the information with your community and to stand for human rights with all of us. All together.


How you can join us, except for simply walking with us?

You can:

  1. share the information about the march with as many people as possible.
  2. write about the march on your webpage/blog/social media.
  3. give us your feedback and inputs about the march.
  4. share contacts you think might be useful for organization we still need medical help & contacts to organizations on the way.
  5. have plenty of amazing ideas we haven’t thought about yet.


We hope that we can count on you to help us make Civil March For Aleppo a big and meaningful event.


Will you join us?
Agnieszka and Civil March For Aleppo Crew

Apply to APU Self Discovery Camp

World Peace Initiative and Peace Revolution launch the 3rd APU Self Discovery Camp, after two very successful APU camps in March and September. It is open for other university students in Asia in order for them to gain a better understanding of themselves in 7 days at Himawan meditation retreat, a beautiful retreat in the north of Thailand!

Are you still trying to understand you who you really are and what you stand for? Do you feel caught up in your studies and need a break to just get away from it all to get a new perspective and some inner peace? Then join us today! APPLY HERE

Any questions? Check our call for participation to know more about this once in a life time opportunity.


Apply for the 4th MENA Salam Fellowship

mena fellowship

Peace revolution is delighted to present the 4th MENA Salam Fellowship that will bring together 30 young entrepreneurs from the MENA region on a 5-day inner peace journey in Tunisia (27-31 March 2017), while living in an inspiring calm nature.

Are you a young entrepreneur striving to create a better world through your impact?Join the 4th MENA Salam Fellowship where you will learn how to turn your failures into successes and how to eliminate the excess baggage in your life. We can then move forward together and work towards empowering ourselves, our circles, our region and all around the world. Let’s start the change!


This fellowship will be the perfect opportunity for you to start connecting to your inner true self and create the potential for social transformation around you!

Assemble with the creative powers of youth! 


Apply for LATAM Peace Summit now!

World Peace Initiative introduces LATAM Peace Summit Latam Cumbre por la Paz 2016 will offer a three-day-long training for North America, Latin America and Caribbean residents. Thought as a peace gathering, where like minded change makers and peace activists will have the opportunity to talk about their own projects in peace building and also to unify and come up with new ideas on how can we keep promoting a Culture of Peace in our region through the practice of meditation.



On the other hand, LATAM Peace Summit will also provide participants (and outsiders) to take part of special coaching sessions with Buddhist monks called Meditation Clinic, where the following kind of topics will be discussed: (1) meditation and self-development; (2) how to overcome obstacles and problems in life; (3) tools to discover your mission in life; (4) daily discipline and achieving goals; (5) how to manage your responsibilities and enjoy life; (6) how to let go of a problem; (7) how to be happy right here right now; (8) how to deal with pain; (9) if you practice meditation you can ask about your experience and get guidance; (10) how to remain peaceful in everyday life; (11) practice that you can do to improve your relationship with family and friends; (12) learn about Theravada Buddhist monk’s life; (13) or suggest your own topic or question.

APPLYING FOR MEDITATION CLINIC: Contact Diana Barrios or Gabriela Torres at


Apply for South East Europe Peace Summit!

World Peace Initiative is delighted to present the South East Europe (SEE) Peace Summit. SEE Peace Summit will take place on December 15-18, 2016 in Tirana, Albania and its goal is to introduce inner peace as a tool for active peace building in the region of Balkans and Europe as a whole.

The Summit will include engaging activities, meditation, yoga sessions, lectures and discussions providing the participants with new skills for non-violent resistance, peace education, enhanced creativity and stress-management. It will be a unique combination of a meditation retreat and a conference, which will bring about the disruptive idea that world peace can be built through inner peace and self-development, confirming that individuals are responsible for and are capable of making a change in their communities. Participants will be able to learn meditation first hand from a Buddhist monk from Thailand!  



SEE Peace Sumit will also introduce a unique opportunity – the Meditation Clinic. The Meditation Clinic is a chance to book one to one or a group session with our monk and ask him all the questions you may have about life, meditation and your own practice. If you have been looking for a chance to talk to a Buddhist monk with over 15 years meditation experience, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.



Introducing WPI at UNOY Young Peace Builders Forum 2016

Our team member and Peace Architect Alejandra Barbé Sevilla took part in the Young Peace Builders Forum 2016Youth, Policy and Peace” organized by UNOY last week in The Hague, The Netherlands, where she had the chance to introduce World Peace Initiative and its project Peace Revolution to fellow UNOY members.

UNOY Peacebuilders is a global network strengthening sustainable youth-driven peacebuilding. WPI is member of this network, where other 70 youth peace organizations across 45 countries are connected.

This year, the aim of the forum was to work exploring how we can ensure that our needs and experiences are reflected in inclusive policies that enable youth to play an active role in building peace and countering violent extremism.

photo credit: UNOY

Besides, with the help of our Peace Architect Adriana Costa Souza, and our partner CC4U, we also organized a flash mob called “Sit for Peace” in the Municipality of The Hague, aiming to invite random people to sit and meditate for world peace, as a special way of celebrating the International Day of Peace.



Meditation from Barcelona city to Galician villages

New car, expensive dress or vacation in Canarias? We often think that happiness comes from outside. How about looking inside to realize that we can be happy here and now? How about meditation? In order to share the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, from September 19 to October 1 Peace Revolution Spain organizes a tour where two certified meditation trainers – Alejandra Barbé Sevilla and Agnija Kazuša – will teach meditation and share their experiences about mindful living during sessions in different venues in Barcelona, Madrid, Asturias and Galicia.


The idea to organize a meditation tour was born after a successful implementation of PIPO (Peace In, Peace Out) series last December in Barcelona when during four days of sessions around 700 learnt about meditation and mindfulness. Hence, the September tour will start in Barcelona where it will also celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21 with a session in Hospitalet de Llogregat. Further on, the tour will lead to Madrid with a morning session in Retiro Park and an evening session in the ICT school. From there, the tour will reach Asturias with a session in Oviedo, and finally Galicia stopping at big cities like A Coruña, Santiago, Vigo and Ourense, as well as villages, like Amoeiro and Ribadavia, where the gala session the White Night will be held.


During each session, the participants will be introduced to the basic techniques of meditation, which they will be able to try in a guided meditation session. Then, the benefits of meditation and mindfulness will be explained showing links between meditation and stress management, creativity, healthy relationships, self-empowerment and other fields. The trainers will also share their experiences on how mediation helps them overcome daily challenges.

Contacts: Peace Revolution Spain

Facebook event: Meditation Tour

Subscribe to the sessions:


Tour Calendar

Tuesday 20 September

9:30 – CAS de Sants, Barcelona (sesión privada)

Wednesday 21 September

9:30 – CAS de Sants, Barcelona (sesión privada)

19:30 Pilates Contrology, Hospitalet

Saturday 24 September

11:00 – Parque del Retiro, Madrid

20:00 ICT School, Madrid

Monday 26 September

12:00 – Fábrica de Ideas, Oviedo

Tuesday 27 September

11:00 – El Jardín de la Salud, A Coruña

17:00 Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación, A Coruña

Wednesday 28 September

17:30 – A Cova do Ratos, Vigo

Thursday 29 September

16:30 – Universidad de Vigo/Gabinete Psicopedagogico, Ourense

Friday 30 September

20:00 – Escuela de Salud F. Delgado, Ourense

Saturday 1 October

11:00 – Casa de Cultura, Amoeiro

19:00 – Iglesia Magdalena, Ribadavia

Meditando desde la ciudad de Barcelona hasta los pueblecitos gallegos

¿Coche nuevo, vestido caro, vacaciones en Canarias? Habitualmente creemos que la felicidad nos la otorgan los bienes exteriores. ¿Pero y si miramos en nuestro interior y nos damos cuenta de que podemos ser felices aquí y ahora? ¿Y si meditamos? Peace Revolution España va a organizar un tour para compartir los beneficios de la meditación y mindfulness (o atención plena). Del 29 de septiembre al 1 de octubre, las guías certificadas de meditación Alejandra Barbé Sevilla and Agnija Kazuša se dedicarán a impartir clases para aprender a meditar y a compartir su experiencia sobre el estilo de vida mindful en diferentes sesiones a lo largo de Barcelona, Madrid, Asturias y Galicia. Continue reading “Meditando desde la ciudad de Barcelona hasta los pueblecitos gallegos”